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Pegparts LLC is based in Louisville, KY, and is positioning itself in the after market parts department to compete.  We aim to be able to provide you with any, and all, parts for your equipment to ensure you have the right part, at the right price, at the right time.  And with the ability to ship worldwide, location is not an issue!  Our team has over 15 years of experience in helping customers source the parts they need and working with vendors to minimize costs.  

Without our customers, we are nothing.  In order to help you save money, and lead times, Pegparts has the ability to tailor pricing specifically for your company should you be in a position to purchase large quantities over the course of a calendar year.  We can even store them in our warehouse and release shipments as and when you need them.  This allows for you to keep your inventory on the shelf to be reduced and move to a just in time practice.  If this sounds like something that could be of use to you please let us know.

The team at Pegparts looks forward to working with you and becoming a trusted partner in your supply chain.

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