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3V1320/10 Belt 3V 3/8 x 132in OC 10 Band


Where possible, this item will be shipped directly from our vendor's warehouse otherwise lead time is approximately one week from receipt of an order.  This is subject to change depending on vendor availability and, if longer, will be confirmed once an order has been placed. In addition, should our vendor have no stock then we will endeavour to locate an alternative and will contact you to confirm if this is acceptable.

The D&D POWER DRIVE banded belts are an excellent choice for virtually any application where increased horsepower capacity or output is needed. Or where conventional, single or multiple belt drives are impractical because of space or weight limitations. D&D’s banding process assures smoother, more quiet operation. And it won’t turnover or jump off the drive. It’s oil and heat resistant and antistatic, too. Typical applications for banded V-Belts are recommended for use where belts vibrations or belt whip causes unsatisfactory results when conventional multiple V-belts are used.

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